TradeLabs VolumeStamp


Easily see the breakdown of the volume on each price per bar with this powerful tool.

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The TradeLabs VolumeStamp is a powerful tool which shows the breakdown of Volume at each price per bar.


  • Three visualization settings (Classic, Delta, Volume)
  • Volume Profile
  • Analytics Bar at the bottom showing Delta, Cumulative Delta, Volume per bar and Cumulative Volume
  • Color coded depth levels to clearly see what matters
  • Side bar showing up vs down bars
  • Full customization for color preferences



The classic setting shows the hits vs lifts at each price per bar. The color changes depending on the difference of lifts vs hits.  The higher the number of lifts compared to hits the more “green” it becomes and vice versa.



The Delta setting shows the difference between lifts and hits.

TradeLabs Order Flow orderflow volumestamp footprint chart volume delta market delta



The Volume setting shows the volume of lifts vs hits visually. It is very powerful as it graphically shows absorption on the bid or the offer.

TradeLabs Order Flow orderflow volumestamp footprint chart